How to Get More Money on Your Tax Return

Looking for ways to increase the amount of money you get back from the IRS? Who doesn’t want to get a nice chunk of change each year? There are numerous tips that help maximize the refund that you receive. Use the information below to ensure you get the most money back from Uncle Sam and start planning now how you will use that extra money.

Filing Status

Your filing status affects the amount of taxes taken out of your paycheck each pay period throughout the year and the amount of the refund once you file taxes. Simply changing your filing status can help increase the refund you get at the end of the year.

Hire Professionals

Don’t attempt to do taxes yourself. It’s a headache that you simply don’t want to endure, especially when hiring professional tax preparation services hackettstown nj is not only simple, but also affordable, too.

Claim Those Deductions

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Far too many people do not take advantage of the deductions they’re entitled to receive, essentially costing them money. Do not leave your money in Uncle Sam’s hands and make sure to claim all of the deductions you are entitled to receive.


Donating items that you no longer need can really help out other people and give you a bigger refund when you file taxes. Search for a non-profit organization to make your donation, request a tax receipt, and enjoy the money.

Final Thoughts

Tax time is exciting for people who anticipate a refund. If you are among the crowd, use the tips above to ensure you get the maximum amount of money back from Uncle Sam that you possibly can. There are tons of ways to spend that cash. Are you ready to enjoy them all?