Understanding The Power Of Insurance

The word insurance is a comfort to some people and a dreaded nightmare to others.  For many people being able to afford insurance seems like an unmercenary expense.  The main misconception is that if you pay for insurance on an object or for a specific purpose and you never use it, you are just throwing your money away.  If this is how you feel, then consulting an insurance agency woodbridge va may be a good way to get some questions answered. 

Auto insurance

The most basic insurance you will need to purchase is auto insurance.  We need to have auto insurance on our vehicles in order to drive in most states.  If we have a registered vehicle and no insurance, the DMV will have the right to suspend your license and revoke your registration.  If this happens and you are pulled over, you can have your vehicle towed and go to jail.  So, it is vital that you have auto insurance.

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Business insurance

If you sell any type of product or service, it is wise to have insurance on your business.  When looking at business insurance you are looking at a lot of moving parts that need to be covered.  For instance, you need to have business insurance to cover any slips, falls, or other injuries that might occur on your property.  If someone comes into your establishment and is injured, they could take you to court and close your business.

Homeowners insurance

Owning a home is a huge investment.  Replacing a home could be an even greater one.  This is why you want to have homeowner’s insurance.  With this insurance, you are protecting your home and your stuff in the home, you are protecting people from injuries and much more.

Life insurance

The final insurance you want to have is life insurance.  With life insurance you are putting money away in case you die.  When we die, we will have a lot of final expenses that need to be covered.  As a result, having life insurance will help cover these expenses and ensure that all of your final bills are paid.